Tips design logo to attract your customer Gogoprint

Designing is ever-changing in parallel to the changes of social values it stems from. The act requires a great deal of attention in order to find the best way to convey the true meaning of the design and style, especially the "logo" of your business that can be conveyed to your customers due to its objective - to help customers recognize your brand easily.

Creating a logo is the best way to make a brand image unique because it is a communication form that can convey all the messages to the customers. With that said, this proves to be a challenge for designers to design logos that would attract customers. And because of this challenge, huge sums of money are spent specifically by brands to make their logos special and unique from others. That’s why in this article, we will tell you “5 not-so-secret ways to design the perfect logo” for your business.

1. Know the kind of logo that you want!

Makes sense, right? You have to first know what your brand stands for, know what message will be told to the customers. You need to know these things because a good logo design must incorporate all of these details of the brand. If you know all of these important bits of your brand, it will help you design a logo that can be effectively used in marketing. Take energy drink manufacturer, Red Bull, as an example. They use a bull, an animal that is energetic and active, on their logo to associate the bull’s characteristics with the product and the brand. That’s how the brand’s image came to be strong, serious, and up for all challenges.

2. Think before start!

Before we start designing the logo. We should analyze the competitor's logo first. Let’s highlight the pros and cons of the competitor’s logo. To do this, we’ll know how to design the logo to contest with them. And it can be used to improve the strength of our competitors and adjust it to use with our logo as well.

3. Only one logo design

Every brand should have only one original logo to ensure that customers don’t confuse the brand’s logo with the logo of another brand, and to also help the brand stay at top-of-mind of customers more easily. Let’s see the failure case from football club in the UK, Leeds united. They decide to change the new team’s logo instead of the old-original logo that’s on the customer’s mind for a long time. To do that, so many fans protest the new logo. And at last, the club decide to change logo back to the old-one indeed. With that said, designing an “effective” logo does not use only money, instead, a large amount of effort and time have to also be put in work in order to create a brand logo that could withstand the change of time.

4. Choose fonts and colors.

If you want to incorporate text onto your logo, it is obvious that you will have to choose a font style that is suitable for your logo, as well as for your brand’s identity. As an example, if you sell vintage clothes, a suitable font style would have to be a vintage style. Apart from the font style, the color of the logo is also important. In business, it is not enough for you to just choose the color that you like. You need to have an understanding of psychology to be able to choose the color that would be effective in marketing. Other than being suitable for the brand, the color must also satisfy the customer’s needs. To give out an example, the blue bird on twitter’s logo gives out a sense of friendliness, is pleasing to the eye, and does not create a feeling of uneasiness, as blue is a cool-tone color.

5. Do not put too much detail.

Keep in mind, a simple logo design is an advantage because it helps people to recognize and remember the brand’s logo easier, faster, and for a longer period of time. Having too much details on the logo can cause confusion, or a lost of interest for the people that see the logo. With that said, it is important to make sure that the logo contains all the necessary details, while not looking overwhelming.

And that’s it for our “not-so-secret” secrets! Just follow these 5 tips, and designing logos will not be difficult anymore. Make sure that you spend some time in planning like what we recommended. If you did, we are sure that you will not make any mistake on your design anymore. Plus, it also saves you time and money.