Table of Contents

  1. How to prepare the artwork?

  2. How to choose the right Large Format product for me?

 3. Which material is used?

1. How to prepare your artwork?

Make sure to follow the recommendations listed below in order to ensure the highest printing quality for your products:

1. Does the final format correspond to the product ordered on our website?

2. Due to the large format, we highly recommend a resolution of at least 300 ppi whereas the absolute minimum is a resolution of 150 ppi.

3. Does the artwork include 2.5cm of security margin, and 1cm of bleed?

4. Is the artwork set to CMYK colors?

5. Are elements in tones of grey configured correctly as a scale of Black only (C, M, Y = 0%)?

6. Are fonts that are not converted to vector built into the artwork file?

7. Was the artwork file saved as PDF/X-1a, with Trim marks and maintaining the 1cm bleed?

2. Which Large Format product is the right one for me?




Artwork Preparation for Large Formats

  • Weather proof, usable indoors and outdoors

  • Cheap, as no stand has to be purchased

  • Great visibility

  • Requires a wall or different basis for attachment

Artwork Preparation for Large Formats

  • Very light

  • Easy build-up

  • Great for all kinds of advertising stands

  • Inside or in front of your store

  • Not suitable for permanent use outdoors

  • Less stable than J-Flags

  • The x-stand itself has to be purchased as an extra

Artwork Preparation for Large Formats

  • Very easy build-up

  • Solid stand for outdoor use

  • 100% water and weather proof

  • Great for outdoor events

  • Relatively heavy

  • Stands have to be purchased as an extra

Artwork Preparation for Large Formats

  • Very easy build-up

  • Great visibility

  • Perfect for promotional stands and trade fairs

  • Should only be used indoors

  • Stands have to be purchased as an extra

3. Which material is used?

- Vinyl Outdoor 1440dpi - a very durable material for extensive use outdoors and indoors. It is 100% waterproof wherefore no extra refinements are offered. This is the highest available resolution which is perfectly suited for detailed graphical elements in your banner design.

- Glossy Indoor PP - a very durable and sturdy material for indoor use only  which ensures longevity and high-resolutions. Due to indoor use only two refinements are available for this material, glossy and matte lamination.






Vinyl Outdoor 1440dpi

Glossy Indoor PP