As they all say, every end is a new beginning. With year 2020 nearing its end, comes year 2021 with new things to look forward to. That’s right, our new calendar templates for year 2021 are now available and online! We offer table calendarsfor your most potential clients. 

Why Invest in Calendars? 

Calendars are a great marketing tool if you plan to use them as gifts. Compared to some other promotional products like keychains, calendars are useful, practical and affordable. Think about the number of times per day the average customer looks at their calendar, with each glance reminding them of the brand they are using. Customized calendars with your company’s name in it will spotlight your brand for a full 12 months. When you break down the marketing budget with the amount of time, calendars are great investment tools that cost next to nothing!

With that in mind, here are a few simple steps to use our calendar templates.

Freely Customize your Calendar with our Free Templates

For those with the software, Adobe Illustrator installed, you can customize your calendar using our templates! Here are some rough pointers to personalize your calendar. 

Step 1: Download Our Free Template file

To download our templates, simply go to our calendar page, choose your preferred calendar type, and then click on our templates tab to download the prefered dimensions of your calendar.

Step 2: Open Our templates with Adobe Illustrator

As PDF files are editable with programs like Adobe Illustrator, simply open the PDF files with the software. 

Step 3: Replace the Logos, Images and other aspects in the Template

For the pictures, simply click on the picture you want to replace, click on File>Place and a pop-up will appear. Then choose your desired image to replace our template pictures, make sure to tick on the “replace” button on the bottom of the pop-up. 

To replace logos, simply click on our Gogoprint logo and press the delete button, like how you usually do when deleting anything in your computer. Then drag and drop your logo into the Illustrator file. Just be sure to copy and paste your logos on every page. 

Other than replacing pictures, feel free to go wild on your calendar! You can change the font and layout of our templates. If you like your calendar color scheme to be yellow for example, let it be yellow :)  It is your calendar after all.

NOTE: The images are advised to be in the given size from our templates (differs depending on portrait or landscape) and also in high resolution. Otherwise, some cropping may happen and printing quality can be affected.

Step 4: Delete All Unwanted Watermarks and Boxes

You can delete the watermarks and boxes (the measurements on our pictures) by simply clicking on our watermarks and pressing the delete button on your keyboard.

Step 5: Save as PDF

When you have replaced all pictures and logos, it is time to save your calendar as a PDF. Simply click on File>Save a Copy and you will get a pop-up. Choose to save as PDF on the tab around the bottom of the pop-up. And then you are officially done! 

Last but not Least

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to send a message or give us a call.

Calendars are the marketing tools you should consider to grow your business in an efficient and cost-effective way. In Gogoprint, we offer affordable and high quality table calendars that are easy to order.

With the coming new year upon us, be sure to invest in table calendars to get your business off to a good start!