Previously on Gogoprint’s blog: You got to know our artwork closers, who make sure that your artwork files are always completely perfect for printing, to ensure the highest printing quality! You also got some more explanations about what a proper artwork file really is. <

Today, in our Gogoprint Staff series, we would like you to get to know better the two people who are so committed to giving you the best customer service experience, and the best answers and help to all the questions/requests you may have. Our customer service agents are called Gift and Pat.

However, let’s first get to know exactly what it is that Customer Service agents do, and why they are so crucial for any business. You can look at it like this: customer service is like the big heart of the business. Among other things, excellent customer service can really make your company stand out from other companies, through the level of service that is offered. In the end, it’s not only about helping the customer make the best choices, but also to build long-term relationships with these customers, and to make them feel appreciated. Customer service plays an important role in shaping the way customers think about your company, so it requires very committed (and sometimes patient) people.

OK, background session on customer service over. Let’s jump right into the interesting part: the interview.

CS Team: Pat and Gift

Hi there, nice to interview with you today! Could you give us a short introduction about yourselves for the readers?

Gift: It’s nice to be here today too. My name is Gift.

Pat: Hey, My name is Pat.

Being a customer service agent is definitely not an easy job, and it’s clearly a crucial part of any business. So that’s why we would like to hear from you what a typical day at work is like.

Gift: Taking care of the customer is always very exciting and challenging at the same time, which is good to keep our job fresh and lively. We experience a lot of different situations with different kinds of customers, which is great because we constantly learn from each case in order to solve problems faster and more efficiently in the future.

Pat: Yes, since each day is never the same as the ones before, that’s exactly how we are challenged in our jobs. It’s actually great because it forces us to learn and be adaptable, in other words to improve ourselves.

Awesome, that sounds very exciting! So what’s your main role or responsibility at Gogoprint ?

Gift: Mainly we deal with customers to provide them with more information about our products and services, but also to take care of some issues that may arise, such as late deliveries.

Pat: Yes, we spend a lot of time answering the phone, answering emails, and giving customers the best service they could get, in order to make them come back to Gogoprint.

I see, that’s very important to build up strong relationships with your customers. So what would you say is the most important part of your job?

Gift: We have to deal with a lot of different kinds of people, so I think the most important thing is to be understanding, patient, and have a lot of empathy, because sometimes we get put through a big storm as well. But that is normal.

Pat: I agree haha. We basically need to put customers’ hearts in our hearts. Other very important things are to learn to control your moods, learn new problem-solving skills, and be fast to adapt and react to situations that arise. We sometimes get very positive comments and sometimes negative comments from customers about Gogoprint. But they all have value, and we listen equally to all the feedback, because if we know our weaknesses, we can work on them and improve. Customer service is actually a crucial position to collect feedback from the customers, which in turn is crucial to improve your service and products.

Waw, I never really thought of that but it makes a lot of sense! Very professional. What can you tell us about the main challenges associated with your job?

Gift: Well, the main challenge associated is to make sure the customers are impressed about Gogoprint. Even though it might not be easy along every step of the way, we will try our best to solve problems with customers. We strongly believe in our service, and want to show everybody that our number 1 concern is 100% customer satisfaction. So if you’re unhappy, we have to make you happy by solving whatever is bothering you!

Pat: I think so too, that is the most challenging day in day out, but we’re ready to handle it and improve our skills to make the best results.

Seems like you love challenges, and always try to make the most out of them to learn. What makes you impressed with Gogoprint? Do you like working here ?

Gift: Of course! Gogoprint is a young company with a lot of potential to grow fast, and i think we all have a lot to learn from David and Alex :)

Pat: I like working here so much ! We work in a great environment with good vibes from friendly people, and the most important thing is we have an opportunity to improve our skills and grow together with the company

Yes, I agree. Finally with this fun question, what would you like to add/change in Gogoprint to make it better?

Gift: Outing to somewhere that we all can hang out together and have fun

Pat: For me, I would like a short tea break in the afternoon to make us feel more refreshed haha

Haha sounds like you’re turning British. On to the last discussion point for today: can you share your favourite quote with our readers.

Gift: My most favorite quote would be “In Impossible you can see Im possible” from Audrey Hepburn

Pat: I would like to say that “Have fun with your present life, What’s past is past, and don’t try too hard for the future because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Finally, before we close off the interview and say “Good bye” for now, just remember to “ Live your life like the last day”. Many thanks to Gift and Pat for interviewing with us today, and see you in next time on the Gogoprint blog!

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