Gogoprint became a member of ThaiGasma. Here’s why this matters for you.

As you know, Gogoprint makes 2 main promises to its customers: (i) a promise of constant high quality at low prices, and (ii) a promise of the greatest convenience for printing. For the ones of you who have already ordered with us and received their products, you know that this is not an empty promise. However, a person that has just discovered our website might not take us up on those promises just like that.

In this view, the fact that Gogoprint recently became a member of the Thai printing association ThaiGasma is big news. By adding Gogoprint to its printing directory, the printing associations sends a strong signal that Gogoprint stands for quality, and can be trusted for your printing needs. This is not surprising, since Gogoprint relies exclusively on the highest quality offset and digital printing equipment to produce your jobs in high and consistent quality. For large jobs we rely on Heidelberg offset presses, the world’s leading and most advanced manufacturer. For shorter runs, we rely on HP’s Indigo 10,000 printing machine, the best and most technologically advanced machine on the market.

Gogoprint became a member of ThaiGasma. Here’s why this matters for you.

So for all of you hesitant visitors that have not yet made the decision to print with Gogoprint: if you’re afraid we might not be reliable or completely honest, don't because we are completely reliable and always honest. You can count on Gogoprint for quality, convenience, and low prices

Gogoprint’s decision to become a member of Thai printing associations also stems from its desire to play an active role in the development of the Thai printing industry as a whole. Together with other printing companies, Gogoprint believes that it can turn the Thai printing industry in a regional and global powerhouse.

All in all, we just wanted to share the news because it signifies that as a customer you can fully trust Gogoprint, because we care about high quality at low prices for all of our customers, and are strongly committed to contributing to the development of the Thai printing industry! So, this just leaves you with needing to try our service if you didn’t already. If our existing customers are any indication (which they obviously are), you won’t be disappointed!