The most important and underappreciated parts of the company’s success are the employees. Custom Corporate gifts are the perfect choice to show appreciation towards the employees. However, giving out corporate gifts are not just beneficial towards the employees but also the employers. Giving out custom corporate gifts to the employees could also improve their work motivation and imply that they are part of the company’s future. In the end the productivity of both the employee and the company rises.

The best type of corporate gifts to give out is promotional products. As it is customizable and very useful for the employee's daily life. Not only large size companies are the only ones given corporate gifts but they could range starting from small companies. The most important factor when deciding which types of corporate gifts should be given is based on the size of the business or how much the company is willing to pay.

3 Promotional Products that we recommend to use as corporate gifts:

1). Pens

In terms of affordability and practicality, promotional pens would be one of the products that come to their mind of corporate gifts. Pens are functional enough to be used every day whether to write something down quickly or excessively. Currently, there are a large number of pens in offices due to how it is being useful for any company. Pens are customizable, there is a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes to select from. To top it off, you can use a company like Gogoprint to print your pens with your logo to add a more premium look to it.

2). Notebooks

Another classic corporate gift that many companies have chosen are custom notebooks or custom organizers. Some might think that notebooks are outdated due to the digital world, unfortunately, there are a large number of people still using the old traditional way of notetaking which is writing them down on a notebook or a notepad. The main reason that custom notebooks are a good choice of corporate gifts is because of its functionality for an employee in their daily life. Whether they are in meetings or at their desk, a notebook could be used to write many things down or could be simply used as an organizer. Here at Gogoprint, we offer premium notebooks that could be customized with a selection of notebook styles, colors, and sizes for you to select from.

3). Bags/Pouches

The first is that they are doing their part in the fight against plastic bags. The second is that the bags would act as a moving advertisement providing a channel that has a low cost per advertising impression.

With the world’s population today making a big effort to help stop using plastic bags, it would be the perfect time to distribute non-plastic bags as corporate gifts. Even though bags are useful in terms of daily use for the employees, these premium bags can provide multiple benefits.

One of the benefits that the workers are going to receive is being part of saving the world from global warming. Especially nowadays the markets and stores do not use any more plastic bags, therefore, these people could use their cloth bags in their daily life instead.

For the company part, the bags would act as a moving advertisement providing a channel that is a low-cost advertisement. This also helps increase brand awareness for the owner of the brand.

4). Drinkware

Society had also stepped away from using plastic to save the environment. For this reason, drinkware which is mostly made out of plastic, could be replaced. There has been an encouragement to bring each individual's own drinkware to coffee shops instead of using plastic or paper cups.

Companies could also give out these custom drinkware with their logo or slogan printed on and given as a corporate gift. Not only the employees are receiving a product but they also help support and spread the campaign against plastic pollution out to the public.

5). Keychains

Keychains are the most classic promotional products of all times. They are being used as custom gifts for employees for years. With the various shapes and sizes being offered and the multi-purposeful function. Some of the keychains that are being produced will have other functions to it for instance, some would have a bottle opener where some would have a flashlight. There are no ends to what people could put together with the keychain. Therefore, we can customize the keychain freely. Some would ever prefer to have their names or logos on the chain.

Here at Gogoprint, we provide you with a range of high-quality custom promotional products. If you are looking to print a product you can request a mock-up today, or request a sample to help get a better feeling of the product. Once you have decided on your product, all you have to do is send us your logo and we will take care of preparing your artwork and file. All you need to do is wait to receive the product.

If you are interested and have any questions with our promotional products, feel free to contact us on Line @gogoprintthailand or scan the QR code below.