Gogoprint's Company Outing 2019

What could be more fun than having a job that makes you feel like you are part of a family, especially during vacations? Gogoprint is one of those companies that lets its employees relax and enjoy once in a while.

Taking a break from your busy working days is the best thing. It is a much-needed getaway to keep your body and mind agile and ready for new challenges. Such events are the most awaited time for the Gogoprint staff because we can use this opportunity to unwind and create new memories with our co-workers.

Gogoprint team photo

On the 30th of March 2019, Gogoprint had it’s fun and memorable outing as a part of our yearly trip, which we use for relaxation and team building. Welcome to the Jungle was our third annual trip. This two-day trip was amazing to get away from long and tiring working days. We headed to Pattaya and stayed at The Zign Resort to enjoy the sun and wear our Gogoprint team t-shirts.

Gogoprint team building games

Gogoprint outing wouldn’t have been complete without team building activities. Participating in fun games and challenges, we encouraged our employees to make new friends and better connect with fellow co-workers. After team building, we moved on to the most exciting part of the night - party!

Gogoprint team is performing

We chose “Let’s go to the Jungle” as our party theme. Everyone enjoyed the food and performances by our managing directors and staff.

Gogoprint team is performing

The company outing is the best way to keep the team closer to each other and makes them more passion-driven. Every company should have this kind of event so that the people who are part of the team will feel like they are appreciated and it will make them motivated. Memories like these should be treasured and make it an inspiration to continue growing in a more productive way.

Gogoprint team is having diner together

Cheers to more years of Gogoprint outing!

Gogoprint team group photo