Have you wondered why many brands or businesses are memorable to customers? Branding is about the firsts impression and how your brand relates to your target audiences. It also helps you to identify your products and distinguish them from other products and services. Having a name, symbol, and design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company can help reach your target audience more effectively. As for the details, we at Gogoprint will guide you through 3 things that are important for good branding.


1. Building a strong brand identity

A strong brand identity can communicate your promise, positioning, and values. It creates an emotional connection with your target audiences and influences whether they want to do business with you. Moreover, a strong brand identity can create an image of trustworthiness and make your business memorable. The fonts, color, texture, and paper stock you used also conveys a message about the type of industry represented. You can create a strong brand identity by using Gogoprint digital printing techniques such as business cards and flyers!!

2. Creating A Strong Brand Book

The brand book is a set of guidelines for brand identity. It focuses on the big picture. For example, when you are designing your logo, you should detail all the variations of your logo and how it will look on the different platforms, what it's placement, sizes, and white space will be. 

The selection of colors you use for your branding should correlate with your branding and story. Here at Gogoprint, we use the CMYK color model that is high quality for your selected colors. 

As for images, by using your brand book, you can clarify the guidelines on how to edit and which colors to use. The tone for your designs should be in alignment with the brand's values. To begin, you can identify words that both fit and don't fit with your brand identity.

The brand book can help guide you when creating the company website, packaging, and print marketing materials such as Business Cards, Flyers, Leaflets, and booklets. 


3. Creating Beautiful Artworks

Branding isn't just about the designs for your website and printed materials but also plays a factor in your key visuals. By working with a digital agency you can create a brand strategy that will help attract more customers.


To Conclude 

Branding is about the first impression you make and how you connect with your target audience. With the perfect branding, you can have a clear understanding of how your audience will view you.

To achieve the perfect branding, you want to remember three simple factors; having a strong brand identity, creating a clear brand book, and creating beautiful artworks.