Printing in the digital age

In the present day, social media and digital systems have been developed. It's not always that everything will be out of date. There are still some things or ways that even the time has passed, it’s still important and adaptable to the times. Like a wine that cures for a long time, it will taste more mellow.

Print media is one of the things that remains important for marketers and business people to do business in the digital age and to help them reach more customers. Because in some areas and some countries, social media is not accessible. Cause the old-school marketing or the use of printing is still playing an important role.

There are the 3 crucials reasons why Gogoprint believes that printing’s still essential in the digital age.

envelope in digital age

1. Marketing Strategy

Many scholars believe that the productive marketing strategy consists of an effective mix of online marketing and print media to encourage customers to use more products and services. Since the time has changed, customers behaviors also change from time to time as well. Not everyone plays the internet or social media in the digital age. Therefore, it will be difficult to use the online system to replace the printing because not everything can be digital (it shouldn’t be). For example, many agencies in the study abroad festival still use printed books, envelopes, or even kitbag to promote the institution and attract student because these printings make student feel special and valued. No one use only the digital ads in the campaign. It’s not interesting! So it’s really important that marketers must always study and analyze marketing strategies all the time to help them meet the customer needs.

QR code with Printing

2. The technology makes a difference and stands out.

Everything must adapt to the time, not even the printing. The digital age is filled with a huge information especially the digital ad of your competitors that aim the same target as your company. Hence, the good marketers have to think outside the box and develop marketing strategies by using the mix of new special technologies with the printing to stimulate consumer buying behavior. For example, sending the product catalog with AR (augmented reality) technology or QR code to the customers instead of sending it via regular email. Absolutely, the use of this type of publication is more impressive than email. Additionally, the deliver a gift voucher or a discount promotion through the publication can gives a sense of value and special feeling than the digital gift voucher as well.

ิีBusiness card builds the good image

3. Create a unique and the first impression

Printing, such as business cards decorated with beautiful logos or envelopes with company logo printed from quality materials, can help clients distinguish the brand image between professional and amateur. So printing is still be an important tool because it can be tangible and help to create a first impression among customers. Business card seems like the company's agent for contacting other companies. Therefore, it should have a good design to build trust for the brand and create more professional image. These are what online media can not replace.

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