Meet our artworks team !

After introducing you to our managing directors David and Alex, it is now time for you to meet Gogoprint’s artwork closers, whose main task is to ensure that all your artwork files are correctly set up for optimal printing results. It is quite likely that you have talked to Noei and Muk before, in case your artwork files needed some change to ensure higher printing quality. Since Noei and Muk are the artwork magicians ensuring that your printed products look great, we thought you might be interested to learn more about who they are.

So for those of you who might not be sure what artwork is, and what an artwork closer does, here’s a short explanation. “Artwork files” refers to the design files that you sent to us in order to get printed. For instance if you want to print business cards, your artwork is the .pdf or .ai file (ideally) that you upload to our website.

To ensure optimal printing, artwork files need to be set up in a very particular way, with the respect of a couple of all-important rules. Our artwork closers, Noei and Muk, are the people who verify that all these rules are respected, and make the necessary corrections in case the rules are not respected. For instance, your artwork needs to contain 3mm of bleed and 3mm of safety margin on each side to ensure that no important content gets cut out, and images that you use need a resolution of at least 300dpi.. Your file also needs to be set up in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color mode, and of course the dimensions of your file need to match the product that you ordered. Once the artwork file is checked and closed, your products get sent into production!

Now that you know how important Noei and Muk’s roles are for the quality of your printing, let’s dive right into the interview.

Meet Noei and Muk, Gogoprint's artwork closers

Hi there! What’s your name ?

Muk: Hello, my name is Muk

Noei: And I’m Noei. We’re Gogoprint’s artwork closers.

Nice to talk to you today. First of all, could you shortly describe your typical day at the office?

Muk: It’s nice to be here today as well. For me everyday at Gogoprint is very exciting, challenging and very busy.

Noei: I definitely agree with Muk. I always try to live my day by the following three rules: work hard, eat and always have fun with what we do!

That’s awesome! :) And how would you describe your role to an outsider ?

Muk: Our main responsibility is to check and prepare customers’ artwork for printing

Noei: When a customer orders, his order gets added to our list based on the production method and expected delivery date that the customer selected. If we find any problems with a file during our checks, we will solve them by contacting the customer directly. This way we can ensure that the process is as fast as it could be, and that the changes we make to the files are approved by the customer.

Alright. So, what would you say is the most important part of your job ?

Muk: Personally, I think it’s making sure that we make the correct choices when deciding to fix something or not, and the speed with which we process artwork files

Noei: I kind of agree, but for me, i think the most important part of the job is to find ways to work less and not being stuck on the same old ways of doing. To improve the creative work and learn from my mistakes

Yes, I agree that a creative mind is very important, not only for working on the artworks, but also for helping to solve other problems. What are the main challenges associated with your job, can you give us some stories ?

Noei: Gogoprint as a company has grown extremely fast in 2016 and the most challenging aspect of this growth and the greater workload is to adapt our ways in order to be able to get everything done.

Muk: I really think the most challenging part of the job is making sure that we get all the files ready on time, so that customers get their products on time. We’re always working against the clock, which can be stressful.

I agree!  We’re always quite in a rush, but that’s only because we have many customers, so we should be happy haha. Do you like working at Gogoprint?

Muk: Yes i do! I’m working with smart, and motivated people like Noei, and we are able to learn a lot from each other by closely collaborating.

Noei: Thanks, Muk. Haha yes I do like working here a lot. And I’m also very grateful to be working with great partners as well as a motivational and very helpful boss.

If you could change something in the office for our company to get better than ever, what would you like to change/add ?

Muk: I would love being able to take my puppy with me in the office haha. I always miss him and playing him for 5 minutes during my breaks would help me perform better!

Noei: Yeah that would be nice. But what I would prefer would be to be able to have a nap after lunch on a plushy sofa to increase my post-lunch performance.

Haha I would definitely give both of you a positive vote for this ! Ok, last question of the day: how do you feel today ?

Muk: I’m excited for this interview and how the blog article will turn out haha

Neoi: haha I think today is a good day :)

Thanks a lot for your time Noei and Muk, and for explaining your job and thoughts with our readers. It will surely be appreciated!

If there’s anything in particular that you would ask Noei and/or Muk, fire away in the comments section. They told me they would be more than happy to enlighten you on your questions.