Starting from January 1st, 2020 "The Thai Retailers Association and 75 retailer members" joined together in tackling the pollution of plastic bags by banning the distribution of single-use plastic bags. The campaign proved effective with Thailand reducing the usage of plastic bags in the past year by a large scale.

In the wake of the ban, people have looked to find an alternate way of filling the place of a plastic bag. Although, there have been various creative ways in which people have replaced plastic bags by carrying their groceries in unique household items. With Paper Bags. standing out for as the leading replacement due to its marketing and ecological benefits. However, tote bags, non-woven bags, and nylon bags also make great replacements for plastic bags.

The 3 reasons why businesses should replace plastic bags:

1). Ecological Benefits

The first reason why businesses should replace plastic is because of how harmful it can be towards nature. The pollution of plastic bags growing day by day all around the world, businesses have taken upon themselves to find an alternative product. One of the key reasons why kraft paper bags have lead the race in replacing plastic bags is because of its ability to biodegrade.

Companies should switch away from plastic bags because of the harm it has created towards the wildlife on land and in the sea. With cases such as a baby deer dying of ingestion of plastic bags. Paper bags can help avoid this as it won't mound up on landfills struggling to be destroyed. On the other hand, Tote bags can help in not only reducing the use of plastic bags but also the use of paper bags.

2). Marketing Benefits

Plastic bags are not the only bags that can be printed and show company branding. In terms of marketing, there are various bags for you to choose from that will provide you the same or even more of a marketing presence. Paper bags are a great choice as it has a clean premium look while remaining cost-effective. Tote bags are also a great choice due to it being the ecologically friendliest out of all the options allowing companies to not only market the needed details but remain true to their eco-friendly campaigns. Other alternatives that can provide a great marketing presence would also include non-woven bags and nylon bags. Both provide a premium and clean look for you to print your logo and message on.

3). Social Responsibility

Various countries all across the world have begun campaigns like the one here in Thailand to counter the pollution of plastic bags. These campaigns have been kickstarted and pushed by the general public refusing plastic bags when purchasing their groceries or shopping. Businesses have followed on to the customer demands with retailers, stores, wholesalers cutting out single-use plastic bags from their stores.

In the modern-day, businesses cannot rely on profit alone to succeed, social responsibility is a big part of staying relevant as well as maintaining trust with the customer. Therefore by opting to use alternative options can look attractive to the customer as it is not only following their demands but also staying socially responsible at the same time.

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