Professionalizing your image with branded envelopes and letterheads

You probably think that envelopes and letterheads are extremely boring, and are not worth investing money in them because they won’t bring anything to your business. I beg to differ. Designing branded envelopes and letterheads for your business can have a very beneficial effect on by indicating that you are professional, serious about your brand, and down to business. This is valuable not only for prospective customers (to increase trust), but also for existing customers (to increase loyalty).

As always, the way in which you design your envelopes and letterheads can make or break your effort. They will only be boring and a flop if you let them be. Obviously, the bare minimum to include in your design are your and. Try to keep your design clean and attractive, and avoid stuffing all available blank space with information. Information overload can really kill your design, so I recommend you stick to the minimum in addition to your logo and company name: a website, telephone number, email address, and physical address.

What is important is that you display your company information in a way that is visually appealing. Always remember that your prints (envelopes and letterheads included) contribute to the brand image that you spread, and therefore strong and relevant design can reinforce your image. The current trend is to keep envelopes and letterheads looking lean and modern (in line with graphic design’s general direction recently).

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to transmit a streamlined image through all your prints and promotions. Therefore, make sure that you reproduce the color scheme, general layout, and geometric shaping of your other stationery. For instance, at Gogoprint we streamline our stationery (and our prints in general) around the general design direction of our website: we use the same color scheme, fonts, and layout. This is absolutely crucial in order to create a strong brand image that people automatically associate with you.

Here are some other examples of how to harmoniously design your brand’s envelopes and letterheads:

Lean design is in!

Some modern-looking corporate envelopes and letterheads

Now, we recommend you to start working on the design of those envelopes and letterheads to contact your customer and leads with. C4-format envelopes are perfect to send a bigger bunch  of documents printed on A4 letterheads, while the 10.8x23.5cm format is perfect to send out a small amount of folded letterheads. Once your design is perfected, order your envelopes here, and your letterheadshere.

If you know of anybody currently designing letterheads and/or envelopes, share this with him/her!