Songkran, also known as the Thai New Year, is an event in April that spans from the 13th to the 15th. Songkran is traditionally celebrated by pouring water mixed with Thai fragrance on buddha images as it is believed to bring good luck. Over the years the celebration has extended to become an all-out water festival with everyone in the nation. This provides an opportunity for you to distribute promotional products as there will be crowds of people forming right at your grasp, as well as providing a great chance to use word of mouth to get your name and brand in the public eye.

3 recommended promotional products to distribute this Songkran:

1). Non-Woven Bags

Custom Non-Woven Bags is a popular retail bag that is made by pressing polypropylene polymer to create the threads in order to create a flexible weave-like texture. The non-woven bags aren't just able to take on a large amount of weight, but it even provides a great surface to print your logo. During Songkran, the best option for carrying all your belongings is the non-woven bags, in comparison to plastic bags or any other type of bag. Non-Woven bags are very sturdy and reusable and it is also easily recyclable providing you with good reception to your brands’ image. At Gogoprint we have a collection of non-woven bags with different sizes and colors for you to choose which best suits your brand.

2). Drinkware

Traditionally, custom drinkware is one of the most commonly distributed promotional items. Songkran is an opportunity for you and your brand to revisit this strategy. With Songkran happening during the hottest month of the year, drinkware becomes useful for the consumer as it provides them something to store there drink and stay hydrated while they are celebrating. Here at Gogoprint, we offer a range of drinkware in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are sure to meet your needs.

3). T-Shirts

Distributing promotional T-Shirts have been going on for many years now, and it still remains as one of the best channels for marketing your brand. customers would be more inclined to accept the promotional t-shirt as it provides them with a dry and clean shirt to change into after the festival. When it comes to advertising your brand, nothing quite beats a classic t-shirt with a logo on it. Another way the promotional t-shirts can help is retaining your customers by knowing that every time your customer puts on your t-shirt they become a spokesperson for your brand. Promotional T-Shirts are also a conversation starter, therefore, assuring that your brand will always be known.

Looking to print bags, drinkware or t-shirts for this Songkran? Request a mock-up. Struggling to choose a model? Order a sample now and see how it looks and feels. Once you are ready, all you have to do is send up your logo and we will take care of preparing your artwork and file.

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