Branding should be strategic and personalized, either for a specific audience or for a particular action/goal. When a company invests in a non-strategic action and does not customize communication, it is more likely to be inefficient and not give the desired return on investment.

The same is true when you decide to print custom pens for your brand. Customizing any product with the company brand is a strategy that can provide excellent business benefits, provided they are strategically distributed. Of course, one of the main advantages of pens is that everyone uses them, all the time. This provides a unique opportunity to turn your customers, suppliers, and partners into advocates of your brand. Whenever they use your pen, they will indirectly advertise your brand. That is why, Gogoprint now allows you to customize pens with your logo, as well as a variety of other promotional products.

Here are 4 smart outreach strategies that your company can use with custom pens, to boost sales and customer loyalty:

1). Offer Gifts to Customers and Partners

One of the main uses of personalized gifts such as branded pens is to thank customers, partners, and suppliers for their trust and continued business relationship. Typically, companies put together a set of promotional products for their best customers on one or multiple occasions. These usually include useful products such as notebooks, flash drives, tumblers, and almost always custom pens.

The key here is to pick a good occasion to send these gifts, such as the New Year, Christmas, Songkran, or the company’s anniversary. This shows a good gesture of appreciation and would certainly make your customers/partners feel valued.

2). Custom Office Supplies

Offering custom office supplies to company employees is also a strategy that makes all the difference to brand image. It shows that the company cares about the details and the standardization. The employee who works in such an environment is more motivated in everyday life and happy to talk about the work environment to others. That is, one more way to promote your brand, from inside out with internal investment.

Pick a good occasion to send gifts, such as the end of the year or the company's anniversary. This shows a good gesture of appreciation and would certainly make your customers/partners feel valued.

3). Attend events

Events usually attract a large number of people. And so it is an opportunity for the company to promote the brand and its products or services. Companies can set up booths on-site, participate as a sponsor or supporter.

The brand that will sponsor or support the event can include their personalized products in the kits that are delivered to attendees. Producing custom pens to include in these kits is a way to keep your brand visible during and after the event.

4). Enhance your sales presentation

A personalized sales presentation with branding, logo and company contacts conveys much more credibility to the customer than a printed material on sulfite paper.

The more personalized the sales presentations, the greater the chances of gaining customer trust. Therefore, the company must customize all details, including pens.

Looking to print your pens? Request a mock. Not quite sure which pen to choose? Order a sample now to get see how it looks and feels like in person. Once you are ready all you have to do is send us your logo and we will take care of preparing your AW and file.

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