With the recent ongoing pandemic, sending wishes through social media has now become more frequent than ever. While communication through digital means are convenient, you can still send your loved ones or business partners more than just messages on the screen. Even today, postcards are one of the best ways to keep in touch with people. Postcards are a lot more personal than you think, it is a tangible reminder between you and the sender as they send a piece of their life or wishes to you.

That said, if you want your postcards to show the best for your wishes, they need to look awesome and good enough to keep. Here in Gogoprint, we will cover the latest design trends in 2021 so that you can “WOW” your receivers! 

Soft pastel colors

Recently, pastel colors have been a popular trend in the design world. Pastel colors evoke positive emotions for anyone that sees it peace, harmony, comfort, tranquility etc. Light background tones combined with thin lines and text, this elegant design trend creates a delicate plus romantic atmosphere for your postcard.


Nowadays, your postcards don’t have to be super fancy to begin with! Minimalism on postcards contains little visual elements, it can be a single hotstamp, some spot varnish or a few words, enough to create the ideal postcard with a lot of space to be written on.

Typography & lettering

Typography is still the stylish approach for designs, especially for postcards. You can create festive or motivating quotes on your postcards and send them with gifts to your loved ones or customers.

Postcard by Expique: Things to do in Bangkok


Art is timeless and can always be integrated into postcards, illustrations have become the latest design trend   Colors, splashes, caricatures, abstract gives your postcard a unique look that your loved ones or business partners will surely appreciate.

Design by Nasir Udin


Collage inspired designs combine various images into one picture. For postcards, it can be a summary of your experience. This can make the postcards much more personal, and also add emphasis on individuality.

Design by Aleksandra Morawiak

For example, if you’re in Bangkok, you can share your amazing travel photos, or check out Expique: Things to do in Bangkok to do various activities with your loved ones. Plus if you’re traveling through tours, Expique is one of the tour companies that creates great memories for your travels that you would surely want to integrate them into your postcards.


We hope these latest 2021 design trends can give you a clear idea with all the possible ways to create and print your postcards. Share your experiences, create a drawing, use great typography, and then print with great materials for the final touch. Our website got it covered as we offer a wide range of materials, sizes, and finishes for you to pick from. Who knows, if you ever give your friends or customers a visit, you’ll see your amazing postcard pinned right on their refrigerator!