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  • ProductNotepads
  • FormatA5 (14.5 x 21cm)
  • Pages25 Sheets
  • ColorsFull Color on Front Only
  • Paper100g bond
  • BookbindingWire-O Binding (White)
  • RefinementNone
  • Quantitypieces
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If a proof print is requested, product will be delivered ca. after approval of printed proof. If you require the products urgently, please check with our customer service before placing an order.
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  • FormatA5 (14.5 x 21cm)
  • Pages25 Sheets
  • ColorsFull Color on Front Only
  • Paper100g bond
  • BookbindingWire-O Binding (White)
  • RefinementNone
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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Notepads Product Details

Print Notepads Online

Print Notepads with Gogoprint to:

  • Increase productivity of your company’s staff
  • Take notes on the go during meetings, seminars, and conferences
  • Provide details and explanations to customers during sales talks and negotiations
  • Give away to customers as marketing material
A4 (21 x 29.2cm)A5 (14.5 x 21cm)A6 (10.5 x 14.5cm)25 Sheets50 Sheets100 SheetsFull Color on Front OnlySingle Color on Front Only120g bond100g bond80g bondWire-O Binding (White)Block GlueNone
  • 125g paper
  • 120g paper:

    120g paper is the heaviest and most superior paper on offer for printed notepads. The paper is sturdy, and its weight makes it most pleasant to hold and handle. It will keep looking good after sustained note-taking and handling.

  • 100g paper
  • 100g paper:

    100g paper sits right below 120g paper, and it is a lighter option that is perfect if you are looking for notepads that are a bit more cost-effective than 120g paper.

  • 80g paper:

    80g paper is perfect for everyday notepads. The quality paper and print ensures that your image is strengthened while you can save cost on paper.

  • There Are No Types of Refinement Available for Notepads
  • There Are No Types of Refinement Available for Notepads:

    Due to their nature, no type of refinement is available when printing notepads. Notepads exist to take notes with, which becomes impossible when a post-press refinement is applied. It is therefore not possible to order lamination or UV Coating for your notepads.

Why Print Notepads Online?

Even in the digital age where everybody can easily and quickly take notes on a laptop or smartphone, notepads are necessary work tools for anybody. As a company, printing notepads with your individual corporate design (logo, slogan, and main company information) presents a multitude of advantages.

First, printing notepads is a great way to ensure that all of your company’s staff always has a tool to take notes with at their desk. Even though they will be working on a computer most of the time, taking notes is a crucial process to help with the collection of ideas, understanding of issues, and the solving of problems. Writing stuff down and looking at it from different angles just helps. Especially when people are one the phone - which they obviously have to hold with one hand -, chances are that they will need to write down the most important discussion points. The advantage of taking notes in a notepad is that you can easily take them anywhere, hand to other people, and make changes or additions to them. Bearing your logo and corporate information, notes will become communication mediums for your brand and image as well.

Second, you definitely want to print notepads if your sales team is often in meetings or physical talks with clients and potential customers. Same goes for your customer service team or any other members of your organization that frequently meet with people from outside organizations and companies. Printing notepads with your logo and corporate information will allow your staff to spread brand awareness and strengthen your company image. Indeed, sales teams and customer service extensively rely on handwritten notes to share explanations and details with existing or potential customers. Printing notepads for when they are on the go ensures that their notes/explanations/recommendations handed out to people also serve as communication vehicles for your brand, image, and professionalism.

Third, companies have understood that printing notepads and hand them out to customers is a great way to advertise their business, because it is a useful product that people will actually use. As such, companies distribute them at fairs, exhibitions, and other sorts of events to basically anybody who wants. For some businesses in particular, such as hotels, branded notepads are often automatically a part of the service, since they are provided in the room.

To enable you to print high quality notepads at low prices, Gogoprint relies only on the highest quality printing equipment. Notepads can be ordered in different formats, printed on different paper types, with 25, 50, or 100 pages, and all binded with quality block glue. No refinement is available for notepads because it would make it impossible to be written on properly (unless you use permanent marker for your note-taking, which would be surprising). Your printed notepads will be shipped to your for free, anywhere in Thailand. So just design, order, and sit back and relax.

View our portfolio of Notepads

  • Notepads  size 10x10 cm,

    Notepads size 10x10 cm

    100g bond paper

    Full Color on Front Only

    Block Glue

    No Lamination

  • Notepads DIN A6,

    Notepads DIN A6

    80g bond paper

    Full Color on Front Only

    Block Glue

    No Lamination

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