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Details about ordering Promotional Pens

  • If you would like to print text or graphics with more than one color and in more than one position on the pens, please contact us by phone, chat, or email.
  • Please note that any artwork sent to us must contain elements in vector format, and not raster format. To read more about the differences between vector and raster formats, please refer to this article
  • After we process your artwork, you will receive an online proof by email. We will start production on your pens only after you approve the proof
Promotional Pens
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  • ProductPromotional Pens
  • ModelWhite-Bodied Pen with Light Blue Accents (PMB0889B)
  • Side1 Side
  • Colors1 Color
  • MaterialPlastic Pen
  • RefinementNone
  • Quantitypieces
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If a proof print is requested, product will be delivered ca. after approval of printed proof. If you require the products urgently, please check with our customer service before placing an order.
Initially, you will receive an online proof via e-mail. After approval, you will receive a proof print (digital proof). Production will finish ca. after approval of the proof print. The proof process will take an additional 5 - 7 days

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  • ModelWhite-Bodied Pen with Light Blue Accents (PMB0889B)
  • Side1 Side
  • Colors1 Color
  • MaterialPlastic Pen
  • RefinementNone
  • Largeformat ExtraNone
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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  • Late payment could lead to a delay in delivery times.


  • Artwork files have to be uploaded before Thursday, 12:00 PM. Late upload might lead to late delivery.
  • Only one artwork can be uploaded per order item.
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Promotional Pens Product Details

Print Promotional Pens Online

Print Promotional Pens with Gogoprint to:

  • Distribute as useful corporate gifts
  • Distribute during fairs, events, or workshops
  • Attract and retain new and existing customers
White-Bodied Pen with Light Blue Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Navy Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Yellow Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Orange Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Red Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Pink Accents (PMB0889B)White-Bodied Pen with Black Accents (PMB201050A)Pen With a Pink Body (PMB1237B)Silver-Bodied Pen with Black Accents (PMO6989)Premium Pen with a Grey Body (PMB2101)1 Side2 Sides1 Color2 ColorsPlastic PenNone
  • Plastic Body Pens

    Gogoprint offers different models of plastic-body promotional pens, with each coming in different colors. Each model has its own style and feel, but all are high quality and durable, in order to strengthen your company’s image and attract/retain customers.

  • Metal Body Pens

    Coming soon, for a more exclusive look and more sturdy feel

  • Pen Body Colors

    While some of the available pen models come only with a white body and colored accents, other models can be ordered in a variety of colors for the body. From blue, green, or red, to silver or black, you are free to pick the color that best represents your brand!

  • Colored Accents

    For the pen models available with a white body only, you can choose from a variety of colored accents. The availability of colors, and position of the colored accents depends on the model chosen.

Why Print Promotional Pens for Your Business?

Everybody needs pens. But how many times has it happened to us that we’re unable to find a pen exactly when we need one? We all know the feeling… In reality, the more pens we have laying around, the more likely we will always be able to find and use one.

Companies have understood this, and that is why promotional pens are an integral part of many companies’ set of branded promotional materials. Arguably, they might be the most useful kind of promotional material, as people will undoubtedly use them on more than one occasion. From a marketing perspective, this is extremely desirable because it means that potential customers will see your logo and/or marketing message multiple times, and on top of that the people around them will also see your logo or message! Two birds, one stone.

In addition, people will unavoidably remember your brand more if you provide them with a beautiful, useful, and durable pen that they can rely on time and again. The advantage of printing promotional pens is that they can easily be personalized to match your brand image. You have the choice to print a variety of pen models, in different colors. Before picking a model and colors, think about your brand and the message that you are trying to convey with these pens. For example, if you need a pen to distribute to all customers and potential customers, it is OK to go for a basic model. But if you want custom pens to commemorate your company’s 10th birthday for example, you might want to print promotional pens that feel more premium and special. Of course, you should always be careful to pick colors that match your logo and your brand’s visual identity. A rule of thumb is to pick colors that are similar to those of your brand, otherwise risking to confuse customers.

In a nutshell, printing promotional pens is a powerful way to boost your brand’s image and get your brand name out there. People who receive and enjoy using your pen will automatically generate positive feelings towards your brand.

View our portfolio of Promotional Pens

  • Metal Promotional Pen,

    Metal Promotional Pen

    1 Color

    1 Side

    Model Pmo6989

  • Plastic Promotional Pen,

    Plastic Promotional Pen

    1 Color

    1 Side

    Model pmb201050a

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