X-ZELL Running a Startup in SEA

In 2016, X-ZELL embarked on a mission to reshape the way medical experts diagnose and manage one of the most pressing health issues of modern times - cancer. By developing and constantly working on its cutting-edge platform technology that detects cancer cells at an early stage, X-ZELL has been ranked among Asia’s 20 most innovative health technology startups. Backed by investors from Thailand, Singapore, Europe, and the United States, the company keeps working hard on its product to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

X-ZELL Dr Sebastian Chakrit Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi & Johannes Hille

Envisioning a world where health is a reality for all, not a privilege for a select few, X-ZELL strives to detect the disease at the earliest stage, when it's still curable. The company mission is to reduce the number of deaths caused by undetected cancer to zero.

X-ZELL team working

Overcoming Daily Challenges

Despite the success and rapid growth, X-ZELL is no stranger to daily operational issues. With a relatively small team of 15, the startup relies on freelancers and on-demand companies in its day to day work. That is where things get complicated.

Like any other international business operating in Thailand, X-ZELL sometimes finds it tricky to discover flexible English-speaking services. The X-ZELL team is always looking for new, convenient companies that are able to provide quality support in English.

Fast Printing with English-Friendly Online Platform

Looking for a fast printing service with transparent pricing, X-ZELL stumbled across Gogoprint’s website. As pointed out by Sebastian Grote, Head of Marketing & Communication, the team was attracted by the convenience and affordable prices Gogoprint offered.

Unlike other print shops in Thailand, with Gogoprint you do not need to call sales reps to request a quote - you can calculate the price directly on the website and place the order or download a quotation. Furthermore, Gogoprint is the only fully bilingual printing website in Thailand - no tinglish here.

Low-Volume Printing at Cheap Prices

After the first order, X-ZELL kept using Gogoprint’s services and printed a variety of products from business cards to stickers. Thanks to the possibility of printing low-volume orders at affordable prices, X-ZELL has become one of Gogoprint’s loyal customers.

We love the convenience and the service. Emails get answered right away and deliveries often arrive earlier than anticipated. In a market as complex and fast-moving as Thailand, Gogoprint is a constant I can rely on. It’s simple to use, fast, and transparent.