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Follow this checklist to close your artwork!

Before sending in your file to your printing partner, you should always ensure that the necessary settings are correctly implemented. Below is a checklist of the most important artwork settings that you should check before sending in your file. Following these guidelines will ensure the highest possible printing quality for your products.

1. Do the final format and the number of pages correspond to the product ordered on our website

2. Does the artwork include 3mm of security margin, and 3mm of bleed?

3. Is the artwork set to CMYK colors?

4. Are elements in tones of grey configured correctly as a scale of Black only (C, M, Y = 0%)?

5. Are you using the composite tone of black (K=100%, and C=30%) for large black areas and elements?

6. Are fine lines (less than 2 points) and texts (less than 8 points) set to only one color?

7. Are fonts and images converted to curves or embedded into the artwork file?

8. Was the artwork file saved as PDF/X-1a?