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Gift Vouchers
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  • ProductGift Vouchers
  • Format9 x 5.5 cm
  • PagesFront & Back
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • Paper300g glossy
  • RefinementNone
  • Quantitypieces
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  • Format9 x 5.5 cm
  • PagesFront & Back
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • Paper300g glossy
  • RefinementNone
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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Gift Vouchers Product Details

Print Gift Vouchers Online

Print Gift Vouchers with Gogoprint to:

  • Attract customers to your store/website with a special promotion
  • Thank and reward customers for their purchases and/or loyalty
  • Show your customers that you care about them
9 x 5.5 cm 9 x 5 cm8.5 x 5.5 cmCustom formatFront OnlyFront & BackFull Color on Front & BackFull Color on Front Only300g glossy300g matte260g glossy260g matte230g glossy230g matteNoneLamination MatteLamination GlossyUV CoatingLamination Matte & Rounded Corners
  • 300g paper:

    Our 300g paper is the most sturdy and premium paper that we currently offer. It gives your gift vouchers a strong and professional look and feel, and makes an impression of high quality and durability. 300g paper makes for the most beautiful and sturdy gift vouchers.

  • 260g paper:

    260g paper is the perfect paper for whoever wants to strike a balance between having the classiest and sturdiest gift vouchers, and the price of printing them. 260g paper sits in mid-range, but utmost quality is still assured.

  • 230g paper:

    Our 230g paper represents the most cost-effective option for gift vouchers, without any compromise on quality. Even though it is Gogoprint’s cheapest option, you can absolutely rely on the quality and professionalism of the 230g paper.

  • Glossy Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your product and protecting it against water, scuffs, and worn edges. This is crucial for gift vouchers, which will be kept in bags, purses, pockets, and around the house. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Glossy Lamination reflects light, and will give colors more pop and vibrance.

  • Matte Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your product and protecting it against water, scuffs, and worn edges. This is crucial for gift vouchers, which will be kept in bags, purses, pockets, and around the house. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Matte Lamination almost completely eliminates glare (light reflection) issues, and gives your vouchers a classy, smooth touch.

  • UV Coating:

    With UV Coating, your vouchers are covered with chemicals and then treated with UV light to protect them and give them a shiny look that accentuates colors. UV Coating adds a high quality touch that improves your products’ impact, and protects them from external influences.

  • Matte Lamination & Rounded Corners:

    Rounding the corners of your gift vouchers conveys your more creative side, while at the same time setting your gift vouchers aside from the mass of squares. In addition, it will keep them looking fresh for a longer period of time!

Why Print Gift Vouchers Online?

As a business, there are plenty of different reasons and ways to distribute gift vouchers to your existing and potential customers. Gift vouchers can be distributed to both existing or potential customers, and can take on the form of a lump sum discount or a percentage discount on their next/first purchase, or can be redeemed against a free item from a limited selection from your store. In general, lump sum discounts are good to increase the amount of order, while percentage discounts tend to inflate the average value of orders. Vouchers can be very powerful tools for customer acquisition and retention. Printing gift vouchers online with Gogoprint allows you to save cost, save time, and enjoy high quality!

The first classic case to print vouchers for your company, is to thank your existing customers for their purchase or for their loyalty (for instance after 3, 5, and 10 purchases). First of all, this shows your customers that you care about them and appreciate their dedication to your brand. This humanizes your company, and strengthens the relationship and loyalty between you and your customers. Additionally, it provides existing customers with monetary incentives to come back and purchase from your store. As such, properly designed voucher campaigns increase customer retention and repurchase rates to strengthen your company’s income. Vouchers like this are usually handed out by the cashier after paying, or sent by mail on special occasions.

The second classic case to print gift vouchers, is to distribute them to potential customers who have not yet purchased anything from you, and need to be slightly pushed. Since potential customers do not know your service, they might be hesitant to trust you and give your products a try. Monetary incentives and free items are known to push people over the edge that keeps them from trying your products. You can distribute these vouchers to anyone who enters your store, or through a network of partner stores that help you direct people to yours.

As a rule of thumb, vouchers usually contain a set of conditions that are aimed at pushing customers to make use of them in the near future. To ensure that people who receive the voucher use it fast, include an expiry date that is not too far off. To ensure that you don’t end up losing a lot of money on your campaign, include a minimum order amount. Conditions such as these are added to create a sense of urgency, and to avoid your business losing money.

As you might have understood by now, gift vouchers represent a powerful marketing tool, and deserve your attention if you own a business or work in the marketing and sales department of one. Print your gift vouchers online with Gogoprint to ensure that your customer retention and repurchase rates are high, while attracting many new customers. High quality is crucial because the vouchers reflect the quality and trustworthiness of your business. Luckily for you, Gogoprint relies only on the highest quality printing equipment, to ensure reliable, qualitative, and low priced printing. Gogoprint offers the choice between various kinds of paper and refinement to ensure that you can strike the right balance between price and the image that you want to confer. Create a clean and attractive design, conveniently order online, and enjoy free and fast delivery anywhere in Thailand!

View our portfolio of Gift Vouchers

  • 6.5 x 15 cm

    230g glossy paper

    Glossy Lamination

    Full Color on Front & Back

  • Gift Vouchers 8 x 17 cm

    125g bond paper

    No Lamination

    Full Color on Front & Back

  • Gift Vouchers 6 x 10.5 cm

    105g glossy paper

    No Lamination

    Full Color on Front & Back

  • Size 13 x 7 cm

    230g glossy paper

    No Lamination

    Full Color on Front Only

  • Size 9 x 5.5 cm

    230g glossy paper

    No Lamination

    Full Color on Front and Back

  • Size 11 x 5.5 cm

    300g glossy paper

    Lamination Glossy

    Full Color on Front and Back

  • Size 12 x 6.5 cm

    260g glossy paper

    No Lamination

    Full Color on Front and Back

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