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Artwork File With Foldings

Setting up an artwork-file with foldings

When setting up an artwork file that contains folds, it is important to beware of the necessary safety margins on each side of the folding lines. Given the mechanical nature of a folding machine, the actual folding line on your finished products may vary up to 2 or 3 mm on each side of the line. Consequently, if you don’t include a safety margin on each side of the folding line, the fold might go through text, images, or other content.

We always recommend to leave a margin of 5mm on each side of the folding line, to ensure that your content is 100% safe.

Leave a safety margin of 5mm on each side of the folding line.
To summarize this article about artwork file with foldings, if you would like to receive your printed product in its complete form, with no error nor deviation from its original design, leaving a safety margin on each side of the folding line is an absolute must for you!
If you have any questions after reading help section, or you would like our assistance in leaving a suitable safety margin, feel free to contact us anytime.

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